Grave Peril (Harry Dresden #3)

Grave Peril  - Jim Butcher

Für deutschsprachige Leser gibt es wieder die ausführliche Rezension bei »Bibliotheka Phantastika«:

Harry Dresdens 3rd case of mysterious and fantastical things going on in Chicago. This time he and his friend Michael, a knight of the cross, fight against rampaging ghosts but those nasty vampires aren't far away.

This sounds like a fun read with spooky ghosts, clanking chains and a bit Ghostbusters for our favourite wizard. Right? – No.
After the first pages which started spooky and got me enthralled, the story changes in a different direction and everything about those ghosts get lost to support a figure that could be described as a puppet master. I was quite disappointed at that point of the story. The author tried to combine so many different plots in this books, that everything feels unfinished in the end. It's not a bad book though, just overloaded with too many information and most stay unsolved. Otherwise, Butcher put a lot of his known humour and sarcasm in his story which makes it still a fun read. I can only hope book 4 will get to some of the mentioned informations and work them out.